Need help with your child's sleep?

I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and I help families get their children sleeping through the night with gentle no tears methods.

Helping Families Sleep Better

Here's why people love my service:

We teach you how to manage your child’s sleep challenges.

 LITTLE DREAMERS helps children get the sleep they need to grow and develop. I provide consulting sessions to help you and your little dreamer get back on track.

A pediatric sleep consulting session will cost you a fraction of what you would normally pay for sleep training and every other sleep product and service out there.

Since there are no other one-stop sleep consulting services available, I can save you a lot of time and money by providing everything you need to help your child sleep through the night. My consulting service will give you all the tools and resources needed for your little dreamers peaceful night of sleep.

Support for you & your baby's overall sleep.

Other products and services offer only temporary fixes for sleeping challenges. LITTLE DREAMERS will provide you with the knowledge to ensure your child's comfort and security during naps and through the night are well taken care of. Then you will be able to enjoy rest knowing your little dreamer is sleeping better. My packages are not just for nighttime sleep. They include support for short naps, proper wake windows, nighttime sleep, middle of the night wakings, hunger vs. comfort feeds, early morning wakings and any other personalized challenges you would like support in changing.



Servicing locally in Orange County, CA and virtually internationally. Please feel free to text for quickest response.


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