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Shaylee is a life saver!! I reached out to her because my five month old was sleeping terribly. He’d wake up every 2-3 hours during the night SCREAMING. My husband and I didn’t know what to do so we would feed him and he’d go back down for only another 2-3 hours. We got to the point of letting him sleep in our bed with us and the only person who enjoyed that was my son. The night we decided to reach out was the night I was up crying due to the lack of sleep and not knowing how to get him to sleep. Shaylee had us fill out an assessment form full of our concerns and within 24 hours we had an entire sleep plan sent to us. We met that night via zoom and talked it over and she answered all of our questions. That first night, my son slept from 730pm-530am… consecutively… I was amazed. I had gotten the best sleep I’ve had in 5 months. 2 days later, my son was sleeping 12 hours consecutively through the night. He’s now napping 3 times a day. My life has become less stressful and my husband and I now have time to spend together without anticipating my son crying nonstop throughout the night. I highly recommend Shaylee. I can honestly say she has saved my life.

-Taylor Serrano, 5 Month Old

I count my blessings everyday that Shaylee reached out to me offering her services to our extremely tired family!! I was at a loss with my 4.5 month old and his constant night wakings. I felt awful that I couldn’t help him get the sleep he so desperately needed and I was so overwhelmed with ideas and tips that I just didn’t know what to do or not to do to help him! But Shaylee came up with a very clear and concise plan of action for his sleep and literally within one day we saw huge changes, he was sleeping in his crib in his room and rocking it! He went from waking every 2 hours only to be nursed back to sleep to sleeping from 7pm-6 or 6:30 am with only one wake up for a feeding. It was literally a miracle. He also improved on his napping, before Little Dreamers he would only nap in my arms, now he naps beautifully I even had to wake him from a 2 hour nap today!!!! I could not recommend Shaylee enough, her support was amazing and she made me feel confident and empowered to help my son learn how to sleep!

-Liz Johnson, 4 Month Old

Shaylee is patient, kind and honest! She gave us a detailed plan and helped me through every step of the way. We have a stubborn little girl, but she’s no longer needing us to bounce her to sleep and is sleeping longer stretches. I would recommend her and absolutely use her services again if needed!!!

-Shayna Marie, 7 Month Old

Today, the last day of my sleep class with Shaylee, my six month old fell asleep within five minutes at nap time and almost immediately at bedtime! It is so nice to have someone who you can bounce ideas off and get tips right when you need them. I feel so much better after using Shaylee’s services. We’re sleeping better and therefore happier and less stressed!

-Bridget Hogan Lee, 6 Month Old 

Testimonials: Testimonials

Shaylee is amazing! My son has been co-sleeping with his dad and I since he was born. He’s 3 yrs old now and I had no idea how we were going to transition him into his own room. We tried transitioning him ourselves but there was a lot of crying and screaming for a couple of hours. Unfortunately we could not do this on our own, we needed help. Shaylee offered her services to come to our house and help us. The 1st night my son cried and ran out of his room a few times. But each time he would run out of his room she calmly and patiently walked him back and tucked him back into his bed. The whole process of him crying was only 20-30 minutes and once he fell asleep he stayed in bed until 6:45 am the following morning. She came to our house for two more nights and walked us through the process. My son would go to bed late because he would wanted to hang out with his dad and I. Now he has a routine he’s in bed by 7:30pm, we read a couple of books to him and he’s asleep by 8pm. Shaylee is incredible she literally changed our lives. Thank you so very much Shaylee!

-Lourdes Palacin, 3 Year Old

I am so blessed to have come across Little Dreamers! Within 3 days my little started sleeping from 8pm-8am, I can hardly believe this is the same baby that had been waking hourly her entire 5 months of life. Shaylee provided a clear plan that was easy to follow and was there every step of the way to support and reassure me. She has a wealth of knowledge about creating healthy sleep habits, and answered every question I had. I look forward to passing her information on to everyone I know that’s expecting! 

- Darrien Siever, 5 month old

My 6 month old was still waking every hour at night. Sometimes sooner. He would only take 20-30 minute naps also. I had asked several others and on mom groups I’m in and they all said it’s normal and there’s not much to do. When in my mind I knew it was not normal for a baby to wake hourly from 2-6+ Months old. I was desperate for sleep. I went to search the internet and tried all of their tricks and a couple of sleep training methods. None worked. Then Shaylee connected with me, and everything changed! Within just a couple of nights of her tips and customized sleep plan for my baby, he was sleeping 5-7 hour stretches. Waking once to eat and that was it! He’s even doing 1-2 hour naps now! In less than a week, he slept a 10 hour stretch! I am literally amazed and couldn’t be happier. My baby is in such a better mood and I couldn’t thank her enough!

- Ariel Pletcher, 6 month old

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